urban decay naked palette
I've wanted the Urban Decay Naked Palette for about four years, so I can't really describe how amazing it feels to have finally got my hands on it! Blogging has given me a fair old high end lust list, but this is the item that I've always felt the biggest pull towards and I honestly don't think I've come across a single person who doesn't love it. At £38.50 it is craaazzyyyy expensive, and for the last four years I've always told myself that my MUA/Makeup Revolution/Maybelline etc dupes are just as good...but they're really not.
urban decay naked palette
James bought me a portable beauty couch for Christmas which I've obviously had to sell now I've left my beauty course, so I had some money to spend on something special and I started thinking about finally treating myself to this little beauty. I was still struggling with justifying it's price tag though, and then a little something amazing happened last week...Me and my sister had gone out for a day of lunch and shopping with my little baby nephew Caelan and we went for lunch in Debenhams. The food and service were absolutely horrendous, I've never known anything like it! So I decided to complain and we ended up getting a gift card of £20 each as an apology!! We really couldn't believe it and as we were walking around a little later I suddenly realised I could order my Naked palette with it so it would only cost me £18.50! I'm sure you can imagine how quickly I pressed 'checkout' on the Debenhams website when I got home hehe ;)
urban decay naked palette
We picked it up on Saturday and honestly, just look how beautiful it is! I'm in love with every single shade and to be honest I don't see any of my other eyeshadows getting a look in now I own this little beauty. As a girl who only ever wears neutral, bronze toned eyeshadow shades this is literally heaven in a palette for me and I've given it pride of place on my dressing table so it makes me smile every time I walk past it :) Yes I am a saddo
urban decay naked palette
I used it for the first time yesterday and I can see Sidecar and Buck being my go to shades for everyday wear, but I'm also really excited to have a go with Hustle too (and all of the other shades obviously!!) They are seriously buttery soft and super pigmented and it honestly lives up to every amazing review I've read; I didn't even use a eyeshadow primer and they didn't budge all day! I'm completely besotted.

Do you have any of the Urban Decay naked palettes? I'd love to hear if you love this one as much as I do :)

Love Holly xo
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  1. I'm so pleased you got it! I haven't had one yet but I'm going to!! I think the shades are just darling!
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  2. this palette is on my wish list as i purchased the naked 3 last year and really want to try the other naked palettes! lovely post:)xx


  3. I got this palette for Christmas and was also so excited to use it! Its such a good palette :) As bad as having poor service is, getting this for £18.50 is amazing! xx

  4. I love the shades in the first half of the palette, so pretty!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  5. Aww, this is lovely :) I'm so glad you like it!! I have the Naked Smoky palette because I won it in a competition :D I don' think I could have justified the expense otherwise x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  6. Hi Holly! I was just seeing what I'd missed on your blog and I had to click on this post as I too bought the palette a couple of months back and it is so worth the money! I agree that sidecar is a go too, and my personal fave is smog as I feel it goes with everything!

    Hope you're well x