1. I have been obsessed with these Makeup Revolution brushes after getting them for Christmas. I can't get over how soft and pretty they are and the contour brush is a thing of a dreams; I've finally managed to get a bit of cheek bone action going on without looking like a clown thanks to this little beauty!

2. January was quite a tough month for me with health difficulties and a lot of stress with exams at college, so me and the Mr had a cheeky Friday night Domino's the other week. I know it's naughty but sometimes you just need a big old cheese pizza, ya know? ;)

3. Lots of yummy Lush baths have been essential this month to ease my sore and achy limbs (thanks Fibro/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, you little babes you) and the Rose Jam Bubbleroon is a new favourite of mine. I've developed a bit of an obsession with rose water scents recently and I love how pink and pretty this makes the bath water :)

4. Rest is essential with my chronic illnesses so I've had lots of blanket times this past month and whenever I haven't been at work or college I've been living in cosy slipper socks and having Disney marathons. I've probably watched Inside Out five times already since receiving it for Christmas and it just makes me so happy, especially the bit with the cat at the end!!

5. It's probably completely pathetic but a highlight of the month for me was this photo being regrammed on the Soap & Glory Instagram page - I *may* have done a happy little jig around my living room when I found out *insert hands-covering-eyes monkey emoji* yes I'm a saddo

6. I had my hair cut and tinted a couple of weeks ago with some gift vouchers I kindly received for Christmas and I'm so happy with it :) One of my main resolutions for this year is to get my hair cut and coloured regularly rather than letting it get in a complete state and then having several inches cut off at a time #oops

7. I've loved the proper winter weather we've had this past month and have been in my element getting all nice and cosy with Heinz tomato soup and warm, baked bread rolls for my lunch on days that I've been at home.

8. I upgraded my shitty Samsung to an iPhone 6 at the beginning of the month and I-am-in-loovvveee! I know it's a materialistic thing, but it's honestly made me so happy and I'm completely besotted with the thin design and large screen. I've really tried to up my Instagram game this past month and the camera on this little baby makes Instagram photo taking so much easier :)

9. These are pretty much all I've worn on my lips throughout the past month; they're such a bargain and a lovely creamy formula which is reasonably long lasting too.

Love Holly xo
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  1. Oh man, nothing cures a tough week like a Friday night Dominos! xx

    1. Hehe it's the best isn't it :) :) xxx