I always feel so sad when I'm absent from the blogging world for a couple of weeks, but this time of year is always quite challenging as there is so much going on and my Fibromyalgia usually takes a real dip, so I've had no choice but to take a bit of a step back from the online world recently. I'd been hoping to do Blogmas though as I really enjoyed it on some of my favourite blogs last year and after quite a difficult week I need something to cheer myself up, so I've decided to have a stab at doing '12 days of Blogmas' instead :) (Can I just say how on earth is it only 13 sleeps to go?!) I've got all of my posts planned and am feeling super excited about them (they're all festive themed!) so I thought I'd get myself back into the swing of all things bloggy with a little 'life lately' catch up type of post today, then Blogmas will be starting tomorrow *happy blogging dance*
It was my birthday at the end of November and despite being poorly with an awful Fibro flare I managed to have a really lovely time with my family. I was a lucky little sausage to receive lots of lovely gifts which I've given you a peak at above and a few more will be popping up in my Blogmas posts too :) James also took me to see Wicked in London which was incredible (I haven't been able to stop listening to the soundtrack on Spotify, I'm completely obsessed with Defying Gravity and I'm certain that my version is so much better lols) and we went for dinner in China Town afterwards which was delicious #nomnomnom
We also went to see the final Hunger Games film at the cinema the other week as another little birthday treat and I absolutely loved it! James was a bit disappointed as he didn't think it had enough action in it and thought the ending was an anti climax (I honestly don't know how, I couldn't believe the twist!!) but I think they portrayed the book really well and I was covered in goose bumps when they were trying to get through the capital. I did think they rushed a couple of things towards the end but I thought that in the book as well. How amazing is Prim's cat?! Definitely my favourite character in the whole series hehe. I can't wait to see it again already and will definitely be buying it as soon as it comes out on DVD :) 

The only thing that helps me a little when I'm having a bad Fibro flare is soaking in a lovely hot bubble bath, so I've been making the most of the Lush Winter and Christmas collections and treating myself to lots of pampering. I used this Twilight bath bomb on my birthday morning and I think it may just be my favourite bath bomb of theirs I've tried; it was blue inside and turned the water a really pretty blue/black shade and the smell is absolutely incredible - I found myself a little bit sad when I'd used it as I was so obsessed with sniffing it whenever I went in my bathroom!! I'm hoping to pick up another one this week with the gift card my manager gave me for my birthday :)
This was one of my presents from my lovely Mumma and I've almost finished reading it now; I can't wait to see how it ends!! I've been feeling quite run down and a little overwhelmed with everything recently, so I've been trying to find time to snuggle up in my jim jams each evening and unwind by getting lost in the world of Tess and her rubber duck. I've read all of Lindsey's books and it's safe to say she's my favourite author ever; she never fails to make me chuckle! I absolutely love how Angela and Jenny from the 'I Heart' series make an appearance in this too and once again I've got the biggest longing ever to go to New York *if you're reading this Santa, pretty pretty please* 

Love Holly xo


  1. Sorry you have been feeling poorly! I have been attempting blogmas but I am running out of energy! haha luckily I have got a couple of posts already scheduled so I can give myself a break for a few days!! Can't wait to see your posts

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  3. I hope your feeling better soon! I'm glad you had a lovely Birthday, you got loads of lovely bits!

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