I've been at work today so the first thing I did when I got home was relax and unwind in a Lush bath :) I used a Butterbear and Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb which was probably my favourite bath I've ever had - the water looked beautiful and it felt so creamy and moisturising when I got in. I had a good old soak and caught up with everyone's christmas Instagram posts and blog posts which made me feel all festive and excited :)
I then slathered myself head to toe in this gorgeous Just Pink Body Lotion and put my Coca Cola Holidays Are Coming Christmas jim jams on :) Just Pink is probably my favourite scent in the world and I love the cream, rose gold and pastel pink packaging. I'm going to be wearing my Just Pink perfume tomorrow too :)
I like my nails as sparkly as possible for Christmas day and I love this combination of lilac and silver glitter - I always feel like all eyes are on your nails when your unwrapping presents so they need to look perfect!
I then snuggled up on the sofa and read some of my Christmas book. I've still got a few chapters left but I've enjoyed it so much and it's made me feel super festive as well as helping me probably a little too much to justify my chocolate addiction ;) I desperately want to be a member of the chocolate lovers' club now!!

1 more sleep to go!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone :) <3

Love Holly xo


  1. I love the chocolate lovers series of books! Lovely Christmas pamper session
    Tori x

  2. Those bath bombs look amazing, I need to pick both of those up!
    Ottilie | O is for Ottiie

  3. Your Lush bath makes me want to go jump in my bathtub right now. I think its so important for us ladies to always make time for ourselves and you did it perfectly. Love your nails as well.

    Great post!