I swear as the years go by fewer and fewer people seem to have real Christmas trees, and I know they can be a little bit of hassle with the needle dropping, watering (the first year we lived together I forgot to water the tree for over a week and it really didn't end well haha) and taking up a fair bit of space, but me and James are firm believers that you just can't beat a real tree and we had lots of fun going to choose ours last weekend. We wanted quite a short, chubby one that could stand on our side table as we don't have a huge amount of space in our apartment and we also wanted it to be pre-potted so it would be as easy as possible to get set up. When we got home we put Home Alone on in the background and worked our Christmas magic with the decorations; James does the lights and tinsel as I always get in a bit of a flap with them, then he leaves me to position the ornaments and pop our little star on top :)
I know it's not exactly traditional, but I always love to have a silver and pastel pink theme for our tree and it works well in our mauve and grey themed living room. This silver, glittery reindeer is my favourite ornament so he always gets pride of place at the front of the tree - I got him in a shop in Bruge when I went on a day trip to the Christmas markets there a couple of years ago with my family, so he's really special to me. The pot the tree came in was bright red which just did not flow with my theme at all, so I used a trick of a Mummas and disguised it with silver snowflake wrapping paper.
I got this little snowman in the same shop in Bruge and I love how he brings a little more character to the tree. I was super nervous he was going to get broken when we moved earlier this year as he's made from glass, but luckily everything was all in one piece when I got our Christmas box out from under the bed the other week :) 
I do love a christmas sign and I'm pretty sure I got this one from the pound shop a couple of years ago, but I think it looks really classy (and hopefully you can't tell it was from a pound shop!!) I couldn't decide where to put it this year as this is our first christmas in this flat, but I quite like having it next to the tree, especially as it fits with my silver glitter theme :) The spiced apple and cinnamon Glade candle has been my favourite christmas candle for years as it's the one my mumma always had burning on christmas eve in our family home, so it always makes me feel like christmas and this year it's in a pink pot rather than a red one so I love it even more! I think I've been through about five of these already this year #oops They've been on offer for £2 in Tesco recently though so are an absolute bargain - if you haven't smelt it before you seriously need to have a whiff, it's so festive and yummy :)
I love having our advent calendars propped up against the TV stand as it means we can see them all the time and we've been completely addicted to the 'merryteaser' reindeer chocolates this year so we couldn't resist when it came to choosing our advent calendar! I love the little jokes that are on the doors each day too, they give me such a chuckle and you just can't beat being able to get away with having a piece of chocolate with your breakfast each morning!! We've been really enjoying watching our favourite christmas films over the past couple of weekends too - they never fail to make me feel super festive :)
I couldn't resist injecting just a little bit of festive cheer to my dressing table too with this adorable little reindeer snow globe :) It was cheap as chips in Primark last year and it makes me feel all happy and christmassy when I'm getting ready each morning. I'd been wanting a snow globe for ages but they always seem to be so expensive (and super heavy too!) so this has satisfied by snow globe needs for the time being - how adorable is his little green scarf?!

12 more sleeps to go!

Love Holly xo


  1. I love your decorations! They are really cute and classy x


  2. Awww I love your tree and the "theme" you went for =]


  3. Your Christmas tree is so cute! : ) I love the bright colours. Hope you have an awesome Christmas hun xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. Your tree looks adorable, looks elegant and dainty! I havent got a calender this year, silly me haha!

    Amy x

  5. You're tree is so pretty Holly :) I hope you are doing well