I love a good Christmas tag as it's an easy way of having a little nose at how people spend their Christmas and I always find myself getting all excited when I have a similar answer to someone #christmaspals I thought I'd share one today to give you a little insight into my Christmas traditions as we're now entering the official Christmas week eeee! 

Favourite Christmas movie:
My favourite one ever has to be The Greatest Store In The World - so many people have never heard of it and my mum had to search high and low to get me a copy on DVD (we ended up getting one on Ebay but it wasn't ever officially released on DVD in this country which I can never understand!) I remember watching it on BBC1 for the first time when I was really little and it became a tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve every year after that - I've already watched it twice this year and I'm sure I'll manage to fit in another viewing before the big day arrives! I also love Home Alone 1&2, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Snowman & The Snowdog, A Christmas Carol (the Jim Carrey version), The Grinch, Santa Claus, The Polar Express, Jingle All The Way and I watched Arthur Christmas for the first time last night and absolutely loved it!! 

 Opening Christmas presents:
When we were little my Mum used to get us a DVD to open on Christmas Eve to keep us occupied which I think was such a good idea - we have a strict rule in my family of no present opening before Christmas day and we always wake up to a stocking of little bits and bobs, then we tend to do our family presents after lunch.

Favourite Christmas memory:
This is a really tough one as I have so many, but last year my Grandad got a little bit merry and was talking to me and my Sister for ages about how much he loves our Dad; it was just the cutest thing ever and I love them both so much <3

Favourite festive food:
Mozzarella dippers, chocolate orange and a tin of heroes or celebrations :)

Favourite ever Christmas gift:
The first year me and James were together I really wanted a pair of grey Ugg boots and he went out of his way to get them for me; I can still remember how completely chuffed I was when I opened them and although I don't wear them much anymore, at the time I was completely besotted and he got them without any help from me so they were such a surprise! My loved ones always do such amazing, considerate presents though so there are many, many more but that one just always sticks out in my mind :) 

Favourite Christmas scent:
I'm obsessed with the Glade Spiced Apple and Cinnamon Candle - it's always on offer for £2 and is such a festive scent which just instantly makes me feel like Christmas!

Christmas Eve traditions:
I've worked every Christmas eve for the past few years so I like to wear a festive Christmas jumper and have tinsel in my hair for the daytime and then as soon as I get home I put some festive pjs on and snuggle up on the sofa with James to watch The Snowman and The Snowdog and The Gavin & Stacey Christmas special :) We also like to have jacket potatoes and little nibbles *nomnomnom*

Christmas tree topper:
A glittery silver star :) My stepmumma still uses an angel I made when I was little though which makes me so happy <3

Best thing about Christmas:
Getting to spend time with my loved ones, the buzz of people rushing around getting their perfect Christmas bits, wishing complete strangers a Merry Christmas, hot chocolate, cosy festive jumpers, glitter nail polish and of course the pretty, sparkling lights everywhere :) I truly believe it is the most wonderful time of the year and it brings a little bit of cheer to what can be quite a stressful life.

5 more sleeps to go!

Love Holly xo


  1. I love reading about people's traditions :) How cute is your grandpa!

  2. What lovely traditions! We always watched a christmas movie on christmas eve with new pjs! Christmas is such a lovely family time!

    Amy x

  3. aw this is such a lovely post! I hope you have a lovely Christmas again this year x