It's basically illegal to not go completely glitter crazy this time of year (well that's what I try and tell myself anyway hehe!) and it's one of the things that gets me feeling the most festive. I like my christmas tree decorations and wrapping paper to be as sparkly and pretty as possible and I basically get heart palpitations if my nails don't have some kind of glittery polish on them throughout December I'm not a complete loon I promise ;)

My Mumma did seriously amazing getting me this Tanya Burr Christmas Makeup Bag for my Birthday - I couldn't believe it when I opened it as I really wanted it but hadn't even mentioned it to anyone! I think the gold and baby pink are so pretty and I love the little snowflakes too, plus it's the perfect size for keeping all my everyday makeup bits and bobs in. It's been helping to make my dressing table look a little more festive this month too :)

I really can't admit how long I've had this Topshop 'Crescent Moon' Highlighter for as it goes seriously against all of the hygiene makeup rules, but as you can see I'm only just starting to hit pan even though I use it every single day and definitely haven't had it for over three years oops It gives a peach toned shimmer which looks lovely dusted along the tops of the cheek bones, down the centre of the nose and under the eyebrows without leaving you looking like a glitter ball. Whilst I don't really get the whole 'strobing' malarkey, I really do like this for brightening up my face a little and helping to create a nice healthy glow :)

This Tanya Burr 'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend' Lipgloss came with the makeup bag and I was a little unsure about the colour to begin with, but it actually gives a lovely clear shimmer which can be worn on it's own for subtle everyday sparkle or over a lipstick to make things a little more exciting. I love the name too and the finish reminds me of snowflakes :)

Barry M win the glitter polish prize hands down in my opinion and these are just a couple of my favourites. They all work best worn over an opaque polish (dark berry is my current favourite) and although they can be a little tricky to apply evenly and require some patience for removing, they're 100% worth it and make me smile every time I look at my nails :)

L'oreal Colour Riche Mono 'Golden Nude' Eyeshadow - This is my favourite glitter eyeshadow in the world; it's so pigmented and can be worn alone or with a light brown blended into the crease. It's one of those shadows which is really effortless to apply and blend so I always reach for it when I'm rushing in the morning but want to look like I've made an effort - I seriously need to get some more colours as it's one of the best eyeshadow formulas I've ever tried and they're a bargain at just £5.49 :)

6 more sleeps to go!

Love Holly xo


  1. I need to get my hands on that topshop highlighter its so pretty! Me and glitter nail varnishs do not mix well, I just get them everywhere! And when I say everywhere I mean, everywhere.

    Amy x

  2. These Barry M nail polishes are so festive, they are perfect for holidays :)
    Thanks for the swatches !