Festive Films - Sticking on one of my favourite christmas films never fails to make me feel super festive, and I have to admit I've been watching these on rotation since the end of November #sorrynotsorry I love how they're films that I've grown up watching so they hold lots of happy memories for me and they're all such lovely, uplifting stories. I can imagine watching these with my children in years to come as they're all just timeless classics and I'm trying to watch all of them as many times as possible between now and the big day hehe!
The Body Shop Frosted Plum Lip Balm - I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop Argan Oil Lip Balm, but when mine ran out recently I couldn't resist giving this Frosted Plum one a try as I'd seen so many people raving about the range and it smelt incredible when I had a whiff of it in the shop. This is such a perfect and yummy wintery fragrance which I'm completely addicted to; I literally carry it around with me everywhere I go!! The lip butter itself is a pink toned purple which gives a little hint of colour to the lips and it also has a touch of festive sparkle :) 
Yankee Christmas Cookie Candle - My Mumma got me this for Birthday and I've been burning it every day since; I'm a woman obsessed! It won't be everyones cup of tea as it is extremely sweet, but as you probably guessed from yesterdays post I'm a big lover of sweet smells and you just can't beat a Yankee candle; they burn for so many hours and have a really strong scent which fills the whole room *major heart eyed emoji moment*
Festive iPad Wallpaper - I couldn't resist downloading this festive background after reading Becky's post and I've got it on my phone too - it makes me smile so much every time I turn one of them on :) I love a bit of glitter this time of year and this is one of my favourite festive sayings as it reminds me to savour every moment of this month and enjoy all of the lovely little festive things around me like sparkly christmas lights, costa christmas cups and pretty door wreaths.
Soap & Glory 'The Whole She Bang' - Getting the big Soap & Glory gift set for half price in Boots has become a bit of a christmas tradition for me over the past couple of years, so I was super excited to get my hands on this little baby on Saturday :) It's such good value for money and never disappoints with the product selection, plus I love the carry case it comes in this year too - I'm planning to use it to take all of my beauty products/tools/equipment to college in the New Year. 

10 more sleeps to go!

Love Holly xo

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  1. I got the soap and glory set for Christmas last year and I still haven't finished it so I refrained from buying it again this year! You have a great taste in Christmas films x