Autumn clothes are my absolute favourite pieces to shop for and I always feel most comfortable in my style during the crisp, cooler months. I'm happiest in jeans, ankle boots and a cosy jumper, and whilst I used to worry this was a bit boring, I've come to realise that you actually can't go wrong with a simple, basic look. Capsule wardrobes are having a bit of a moment in the blogosphere at the minute and I've found myself forming my perfect one this year without even meaning to - it even transitioned pretty easily from spring/summer into autumn! I'm a big fan of just having a few items which I really love and I find it so much easier when it comes to choosing what to wear. I made myself a list back in September of a couple of essential bits I needed to get this season and apart from one very pretty purple jumper from H&M (which will be making an appearance on my Instagram page very soon I'm sure!) this is all I've bought clothing wise since August which I feel pretty darn proud of (and my purse strings are much happier too!)...
Cream Tartan Scarf - Dorothy Perkins £12
I love tartan scarfs but red really isn't my colour so I did a little happy dance when I spotted this one as the colour just works with everything :) It's a reasonable thickness without being a full on blanket (I find them a little smothering!) and it's such a lovely, soft fabric. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with scarves though purely because they just do not agree with my hair! Seriously how do other short haired girls cope?! My hair ends up getting all caught up in them and flicking out at crazy angles (think Bridget Jones after the roof down car journey) You really can't beat snuggling up in a cosy scarf though and I love how they jazz up a plain jumper, so I've been coping so far this year with putting some curls in my hair whenever I want to wear one as then I feel like I can get away with that messy, undone look a little more. 
Light Brown Faux Fur Gilet - Newlook £29.99
This is the only 'trend' I've been really excited about this year as I honestly think it's one of those items I've been missing my whole life (not to be dramatic or anything) and I've worn it to death already despite only buying it a couple of weeks ago #oops! It's the perfect cover up for that 'not sure if I need a jacket as I'll be too hot indoors if I wear one but I'll freeze my nipples off outside if I don't' kind of weather and is so darn cosy; I genuinely feel like a fluffy teddy bear when I wear it! I tried on so many different types as a lot of them stuck out on my shapely hips which I just didn't feel very comfortable with, but this one is a little longer and comes just above my knees so it gives a much more flattering look. I love the grey toned brown shade against my pale skin and it works well with berry, purple, khaki and cream jumpers :)
Black Low Heel Zip Ankle Boots - Dorothy Perkins £29
I ventured into the world of heeled ankle boots for the first time last winter with a pair of tan beauties from Next which the Mr got me for my birthday, and I found them so much more comfortable than I ever expected to. There's something about heeled boots which makes me feel all 'I've so got my shit together' and they make you walk more confidently if that doesn't sound completely ridiculous?! At 5ft 7 I've always been a little paranoid to add more height, and whilst I do tower over most people in these I just bloomim love them! I only really wear black on my bottom half as it doesn't work very well with my complexion, but a pair of black boots are such an essential and after seriously missing them last autumn/winter I've been so happy to have these little babies in my life :) I wanted something really simple that would work with everything as I like to just have a couple of pairs of shoes to alternate between each season (shoes have never really been my thing) and with a little bit of suede detail these work for all occasions. I really want to attempt the whole turned up jeans look with these, but I just don't know if I'm cool enough for that...


  1. I love all of your picks, that scarf is just gorgeous!! It looks so big and cosy, I'm trying to look out for one like that at the moment xD scouring ebay as I speak! xx

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  2. I am loving the scarf and the faux fur ! Very good choice :)


  3. Gorgeous additions! Autumn is my favourite time of year : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. Some lovely items you've got there! I love the fur gillet, its so pretty! And the scarf is lovely, I've been looking for a tartan scarf everywhere!x

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  5. i love these items and i LOVE that fur gillet, i've wanted a fur gillet for so long!xx


  6. Love the scarf =]


  7. Lovely pieces, I'm totally coveting that gorgeous scarf! x

  8. That gilet is stunning, I wish I could pull it of without looking like a bear x


  9. I'm with you when it comes to Autumn clothes - they are definitely my favourite too! I adore those boots and I wish I was brave enough to wear a gilet! Lovely bits :)

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  10. Omg that fur gilet is so perfect! I always eye it up when I go into New Look!

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  11. Loove these fashion bits lovely! New fan :)

  12. I'm absolutely obsessed with this scarf!

  13. Great post! I actually have that scarf from Dorothy Perkins too and featured it in a recent OOTD - it's soooo snuggly isn't it!! :)

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