1. Arranging to meet a few other bloggers beforehand so you have people to go with is the wisest decision you can make - As I mentioned in my previous post I arranged to meet some other bloggers for lunch with Soeurs De Luxe before the event and I honestly cannot recommend doing this enough. I would have been petrified if I'd turned up at the event by myself and I would have probably been too nervous to approach/chat to other bloggers because it was quite busy, so to have felt part of a little group and have people to walk around with was what made the event so enjoyable for me. It also meant we got to chat and get to know each other over pizza and I feel so happy and grateful to have made some amazing new blog friends :) 

2. Take as little as possible with youI made the mistake of taking three magazines with me to keep me occupied during my 4 hours of train journeys and my oh my, I have never felt so annoyed at myself! Having to carry them, my handbag and the goodie bags whilst having my camera and business cards ready whilst we were walking around the event was such a pain and it stopped me from being able to get as involved with certain things as I would have liked to. I really didn't expect to be given anything at all so I wasn't expecting to be carrying so much!

3. Be wise with which goodie bags you take and don't underestimate how heavy they are I really don't want this to come across negatively or in the wrong way because I was SO incredibly grateful for all of the goodies I was given (I really couldn't believe it when I got home and looked through everything, I had a little blogger emosh moment!) but because I had quite a long journey home and I suffer with Fibromyalgia which makes carrying anything really difficult for me, I kind of wish I hadn't taken some of the heavier items and had kept a better track of what was in the bags.  

4. Take breaks and refresh - I completely missed the sweetie table in the middle of the event and didn't have anything to eat or a drop of water the whole time we were there because there was so much going on I just didn't think about it. Looking back I really wish I'd had a couple of breaks and spent more time chatting to other more bloggers as I felt completely exhausted and drained by the end of it and my legs were screaming at me!

5. Being in a room with so many other bloggers and reputable brands will make you feel completely overwhelmed -  This is a hard one to put into words for me, but in a nutshell I'm the absolute queen of beating myself up for not posting enough, not commenting on other blogs enough, not taking part in enough twitter chats, not knowing much about the business side of blogging, not understanding google analytics etc etc. I found it quite hard talking to some of the brands as I just feel like such a tiny fish in this big old blogging pond and at certain parts of the event I just kept thinking 'I'm not good enough to be here.'  I was standing there talking to Mode Media, surrounded by so many gorgeous and successful bloggers (many of whom I've followed for years!) and all I could think was how tiny my blog is compared to so many. I was so annoyed at myself that I came over feeling like this because I put a lot of time and effort into my blog so to feel like I'm not 'proper' or deserving enough is just so silly of me.

6. I really need to take myself more seriously as a blogger - When a couple of people I work with asked me about the event I literally felt like a fraud for going. I must have mentioned a hundred times that I asked Scarlett if I could attend rather than being invited, but you know what I've realised that it doesn't actually matter. I am a blogger; I sit here every day with my laptop reading posts and working on my own, and even though I don't get to put as much time into blogging as I'd like to, I am a blogger and I've seriously got to get that into my head. I've treated myself to a shiny new design and layout from Pipdig today which you might have noticed, and I've got lots and lots of post ideas which I can't wait to get working on :)

7. Some selfie camera angles are seriously unflattering - I've never been someone who likes having their photo taken. I suffered really badly with my self esteem when I was younger and although I'm in a happier place now where I just try to always remind myself 'I look the way I look and this is the only face I'm ever going to have' I'm still not the biggest fan of having my photo taken and I find posing for selfies really difficult. There were a fair few crackers taken of me which lets just say weren't my best angle, and I got so annoyed with myself with how unconfident this made me feel. I kept looking at them on the train home thinking how awful I looked which just made me feel even worse, but once I'd calmed down I realised most of the photos were actually fine and Lana shared a really lovely one of the two of us in her post on the event :) I think it's only inevitable that when you're surrounded by other beautiful, amazing bloggers you're going to feel a little unsure of yourself (and it was seriously hot in there which didn't help matters at all #totalsweatybettymoment) but I'm trying hard now to constantly remind myself of the expression 'learn to admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own.'

8. Every brand will want you take part in their selfie competition Basically every brand was running a competition to win some goodies if you posted a selfie holding some of their products and whilst I did think this was a great idea, it did get a bit much as we were going around. I made the decision not to take part in any of them as I was carrying so much it felt a little tricky to keep putting everything down and I'm very far from a selfie queen. My Instagram grid is also very important to me and I don't like clogging it up with too many photos of me in a row!

9. Be wise with your phone battery - This is another reason why I didn't take part in the selfie competitions as I'd travelled from a long distance so had to make sure I had some battery left for my train journey home just in case of emergency and I'd used it a fair bit already arranging to meet everyone beforehand. A couple of girls bought their chargers which was such a genius thing to do so I'd definitely bring mine or a spare phone battery (I have a Samsung so they're not too expensive!) if I get to go to any future events.

10. Blog events pass super quickly and getting everyones details so you can have a more relaxed chat on Twitter or through email is the best way to make sure you make the most of such a large scale event - As I've mentioned a couple of times I did feel pretty overwhelmed so I found myself coming over quite shy when I was talking to some people. At such a large scale event where there are so many people to talk to you only get so much time, so getting peoples contact details so you can have a proper look at their brand/products/blog when you get home makes things much more manageable. I got quite a few business cards throughout the day which I'm really excited to look through and Scarlett also did us a brilliant booklet with the brands' contact details which is going to be super helpful :)    


  1. LOVE this post! totally relate to what u r saying, especially #6. My shoulders were killing me post event :)

  2. These were some really great tips! I think being invited to a blogger event would definitely make me nervous as well, it seems so intimidating! I'm glad you ended up having a good time though, and it's so smart to reach out to people ahead of time!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  3. Holly a little suitcase on wheels is every fibro girls best friend!! Trust me :)

  4. This is such a good post! I definitely agree with number 3! xx

    Lauren | shynature.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Love this post, I went to the same event and I agree with everything you've said! The thing i've learnt the most though is to take business cards with me as I completely forgot, not the best of ideas.

    Isabelle | taintedblues.co.uk

  6. I have to agree with you on a lot of these points - number 5 especially, I found it completely overwhelming. I saw a couple of people I recognised from their blogs but just found it too much to start conversations with so many people and stuck to those that were familiar. I also felt completely unstylish as so many fashion bloggers have such a great way of pulling together an outfit, so it can make you feel quite self-conscious. I wish we'd had a chance to catch up! x

    Laura @ Lolaandbehold

  7. Very thoughtful n full of information. Will refer back to this before attending any Bloggers meet:))

  8. I had such a good time but it was SO overwhelming! So glad I got to meet you though :) xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  9. I definitely agree with No.6 sometimes when you I'm in a room or Twitter chat full of more popular bloggers it's easy to feel inferior but I've started to tell myself exactly what you said 'I am a blogger!' Looks like you had a great time at the event from your other post! Excellent post Hun x

    Christine | www.yveschild.com