I love blogging; it makes me so happy and has improved my life in so many ways. I love checking my Bloglovin feed throughout the day and get such a buzz every time I see a post from one of my favourite bloggers. I love leaving comments on posts I've enjoyed reading and chatting to fellow bloggers on Twitter. I work on my own blog posts pretty much every day and find it so exciting to get my ideas down and then spend hours editing them to make the blog post the best it can be. I've discovered an interest and passion in photography thanks to blogging and get a little flutter in my tummy each time a photo comes out just how I want it to, particularly when I manage a really clear close up of a beauty item. I always feel so happy when I have a spare hour to spend in Boots or Superdrug swatching away and deciding which products to try that month and I get so excited when I buy an item which a favourite blogger has recommended and am then able to see if I love it as much as they do. 

However as much as I love blogging and everything that comes with it, I find it quite a hard world to be part of sometimes as quite often I find myself feeling incredibly insecure. My original idea for this post was a comical 'ways I failure as a blogger' type post, but I realised it was a bit too negative and actually I don't fail as a blogger at all because I'm part of this world and am posting regularly on my blog so how on earth can that be failing?! Yes I don't have the success or readership that a lot of bloggers have and I constantly feel like a teeny tiny fish in this very large and ever growing blogging world, but feeling like I'm not good enough is actually preventing me from enjoying blogging as much as I could be and that's just rubbish as it's such an important part of my life. In reality the fact that anyone reads my posts and I have any followers at all really means the absolute world to me and I blog because I enjoy it, so I really need to focus on that rather than the idea of blogging 'success'...

1. Having the time to engage with other bloggers through Twitter chats and blog comments 

2. Not having to spend time constantly analysing stats/replying to emails (I swear I'll never understand Google Analytics!)

3. Being able to write about whatever you want and not getting bogged down with sponsored content

4. Not feeling pressured to stick to a strict posting schedule/like you're letting people down if you go a few days without posting

5. No expectations from readers/other bloggers - fan accounts scare me so much, I don't know how some of the 'big' bloggers/youtubers deal with the level of scrutiny they get!

6. Noticing and appreciating every single comment and bloglovin follower

7. Not getting caught up in blogging/twitter drama

8. Not having the judgement that big bloggers get for their blogs to always be perfect and magazine style quality 

9. Being able to keep blogging as a hobby which you really love rather than getting bogged down with it (I don't mean this negatively at all but I've seen so many bloggers fall out of love with blogging because it becomes a chore/too pressurised and I just find that so sad when it's meant to be an enjoyable hobby for us to just chat about lipsticks and things) :)

10. Not having to worry about your Instagram grid looking perfect - yes all of my junk food photos have been in the same column recently but does it really matter? Nope :) 

Blogging is without a doubt the best thing in my life, so I'm writing this post to first say thank you to anyone who does read my posts and interact with me and secondly to give a big squishy blogger hug to any other bloggers who feel a little out of their depth sometimes. Being a small blogger rocks in so many ways and we shouldn't ever feel like we're doing something wrong or should just give up :)