1. I started my week off with a long soak in the bath using the Lush Father Christmas bath bomb which smells like the Snow Fairy shower gel. I'm just completely addicted to that scent and am pretty heartbroken that my shower gel has almost run out :( I wish Christmas could last forever! Their Valentines Day collection looks incredible though so I'm definitely going to have to treat myself to a couple of new bits soon :)
2. I spent the day at my Mum's house on Wednesday and we had a big reminisce with my brother and sister about our childhood; family time always means so much to me <3 My Mum has been having a clear out recently and she gave me these mouse books which were my absolute favourites when I was little (I used to get one every year in my stocking!) I've got quite a few books from my childhood which I'm saving to pass onto my children in the future :)
3. Me and my sister went to Simply Italian for dinner on Tuesday and we also went to see Into The Woods at the cinema (we really enjoyed it but it was a bit odd in places!) This is my favourite pizza in the world; it's topped with spinach, sweet pepper and onions - yum!
4. I've been really unwell recently with constant migraines and stabbing pains in my head and my Doctor confirmed this week that my Fibromyalgia has now spread to the muscles and nerves in my head :( It's come as a pretty horrible blow because the pains in my head are really unbearable and impossible to ignore like I try to do with the pain in the rest of my body...so a few treats this week have been essential!
5. Me and James had some positive news about our mortgage this week so we're going to be moving into our new apartment pretty soon. It's a bit smaller than our current flat (but is absolutely gorgeous!) so I had a really big clear out of everything this week as we're not going to have much space and are going to be sharing a wardrobe for the first time since we've lived together. I'm so excited to move though and I donated three bin liners of clothes, handbags and shoes to charity - it always feels so good to have a completely organised wardrobe :)
6. I treated myself to these beautiful River Island shoes when I was shopping with my sister on Tuesday and oh my goodness I love them so much! I love how classy and expensive looking they are and decided it was finally time to get myself a decent pair for everyday wear rather than the £4 Primark ones that fall apart after a few weeks! These need a bit of breaking in but I know I'm going to wear them all the time :)
7. Me and James went to see Taken 3 yesterday afternoon after hearing lots of people say how good it was, but I have to be honest we really didn't think much of it. I enjoyed it more than the second one but it was a bit cheesy and predictable and I definitely wouldn't watch it again.
8. We went to Pizza Express for dinner after the cinema and I had this vegetable lasagne which was so so yummy and definitely the nicest lasagne I've ever had! It was so nice to have a 'date night' we haven't had one in so long.

Love Holly xo


  1. The snapshots look great :) Very sorry to hear about the migraines and pains - really hope you'll be better soon!

  2. the pizza looks so good, hope you're feeling alright :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  3. The nosiness in me loves these weekly snippet posts ;) How amazing does that lasagne look... suddenly really hungry. Your rail looks gorgeous too hun!


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  5. beautiful photos! :-)

    Congrats on the mortgage!