The Lush Winter/Christmas collection has become one of my very favourite things about this time of year; they just come up with the cutest themes and the most beautiful smells - I genuinely become like a little child in a sweet store and have to calm myself and my heart palpitations down so that I don't end up buying quite literally the whole shop! I've been really enjoying seeing everyone share their purchases on Instagram and in blogs posts recently and I'd been working up quite the wishlist, so when payday (finally) arrived last Friday I couldn't wait to pop into my local store and pick up a couple of little treats #christmascountdown 
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar £3.95 - "Backloads of bubbles - full of fruity bergamot and floral geranium - burst forth when this cheeky Santa is crumbled under running water" This was top of my 'to-buy' list as I'm a huge fan of bubble bars and I just love how cute this is with it being like a santa belly :) I'm always drawn to the sweet smells in Lush and this was love at first sniff! I usually find I can get 3 or 4 baths from a bubble bar so I think they work out the best value for money and I can see myself having to repurchase this several times throughout November and December!!
Butterbear Bath Bomb £1.95 - "A creamy vanilla scented bath bomb with cocoa butter to soften the skin. Drop into the water for a bear hug" I tried this one just before Christmas last year and absolutely loved it, so I've been waiting almost a whole year to get my hands on another one! It's not a particularly exciting bath bomb as it just turns the water a kind of milky consistency, but oh my goodness me the smell *insert all of the heart eyed emojis* Vanilla and cocoa butter are two of my favourite scents (particularly for this time of year) and I love how this leaves the skin feeling super soft and moisturised; it's almost like a conditioner for a bath! At £1.95 it's a complete bargain and I absolutely love the name too - it makes me smile so much and how can anyone not love a cute little teddy bear bath bomb?! Bear hugs are the best hugs :)
Cinders Bath Bomb £2.95 - "Warm up with this hot fruit punch fragrance and listen to the cackle of popping candy. Drop into your bath for fireside comfort" I'm completely besotted with the smell of this one; to me it smells like winter in a bath bomb! I love cinnamon this time of year and my favourite Christmas candle is spiced apple and cinnamon so it always gets me feeling all festive :) I love the popping candy effect as it makes you feel all snug and like you're sitting next to a real fire, so it's super cosy and comforting. I do find some of the Lush bath bombs a tad pricey considering they can only be used once, but for £2.95 this one is super reasonable and I can't wait to give it a try when I have a good old pamper at the weekend!
Snow Angel Bath Melt £3.95 - "Rich in moisturising cocoa butter, with a delicate marzipan scent, this blend of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute treats winter skin to a softening, floral soak. Drop into your bath water to release a magical Christmas scene" This was my little indulgent purchase as it can only be used once so is a tad on the pricey side, but how blimim beautiful is it?! It smells absolutely divine and for a sweet smell lover like me it's complete heaven. I haven't used a bath melt before so I'm really excited to give this a try and I'll be sure to share a photo on Instagram when I do :)



I love blogging; it makes me so happy and has improved my life in so many ways. I love checking my Bloglovin feed throughout the day and get such a buzz every time I see a post from one of my favourite bloggers. I love leaving comments on posts I've enjoyed reading and chatting to fellow bloggers on Twitter. I work on my own blog posts pretty much every day and find it so exciting to get my ideas down and then spend hours editing them to make the blog post the best it can be. I've discovered an interest and passion in photography thanks to blogging and get a little flutter in my tummy each time a photo comes out just how I want it to, particularly when I manage a really clear close up of a beauty item. I always feel so happy when I have a spare hour to spend in Boots or Superdrug swatching away and deciding which products to try that month and I get so excited when I buy an item which a favourite blogger has recommended and am then able to see if I love it as much as they do. 

However as much as I love blogging and everything that comes with it, I find it quite a hard world to be part of sometimes as quite often I find myself feeling incredibly insecure. My original idea for this post was a comical 'ways I failure as a blogger' type post, but I realised it was a bit too negative and actually I don't fail as a blogger at all because I'm part of this world and am posting regularly on my blog so how on earth can that be failing?! Yes I don't have the success or readership that a lot of bloggers have and I constantly feel like a teeny tiny fish in this very large and ever growing blogging world, but feeling like I'm not good enough is actually preventing me from enjoying blogging as much as I could be and that's just rubbish as it's such an important part of my life. In reality the fact that anyone reads my posts and I have any followers at all really means the absolute world to me and I blog because I enjoy it, so I really need to focus on that rather than the idea of blogging 'success'...

1. Having the time to engage with other bloggers through Twitter chats and blog comments 

2. Not having to spend time constantly analysing stats/replying to emails (I swear I'll never understand Google Analytics!)

3. Being able to write about whatever you want and not getting bogged down with sponsored content

4. Not feeling pressured to stick to a strict posting schedule/like you're letting people down if you go a few days without posting

5. No expectations from readers/other bloggers - fan accounts scare me so much, I don't know how some of the 'big' bloggers/youtubers deal with the level of scrutiny they get!

6. Noticing and appreciating every single comment and bloglovin follower

7. Not getting caught up in blogging/twitter drama

8. Not having the judgement that big bloggers get for their blogs to always be perfect and magazine style quality 

9. Being able to keep blogging as a hobby which you really love rather than getting bogged down with it (I don't mean this negatively at all but I've seen so many bloggers fall out of love with blogging because it becomes a chore/too pressurised and I just find that so sad when it's meant to be an enjoyable hobby for us to just chat about lipsticks and things) :)

10. Not having to worry about your Instagram grid looking perfect - yes all of my junk food photos have been in the same column recently but does it really matter? Nope :) 

Blogging is without a doubt the best thing in my life, so I'm writing this post to first say thank you to anyone who does read my posts and interact with me and secondly to give a big squishy blogger hug to any other bloggers who feel a little out of their depth sometimes. Being a small blogger rocks in so many ways and we shouldn't ever feel like we're doing something wrong or should just give up :)



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1. Illness can come from nowhere and completely rip the carpet from beneath your feet - My life has been turned upside down since becoming chronically ill four years ago which has resulted in me having to change and adapt a lot of the ideas I had of what I wanted from life as they're no longer possible. Trying to accept that you're going to be in a massive amount of pain and feel completely drained and exhausted every day for the rest of your life is a hugely difficult thing to come to terms with, especially when you're young and meant to have the world at your feet.

2. It's ok to find love and settle down at a young age - I've been with my fiancé since I was 18, he's the only boyfriend I've ever had and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you find someone who makes you happy and you can see yourself growing old with them then just go for it, no matter when in life you meet them. I met James a couple of months before I was meant to be moving away to University so the timing couldn't have been worse. He's almost ten years older than me and a lot of people said it wouldn't work because we were at completely different stages in life; I'm not saying it's been easy because it hasn't, and my life plan has changed a fair bit to coincide with our relationship, but I'm a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason and sometimes you have to just go with it, even if it's not what you'd planned.

3. Sometimes friendships aren't forever; its ok to drift away from people - I had quite a few friends when I was at school and college and unfortunately all of those friendships have faded over the years. There are some people I never hear from and some people I still chat to occasionally and it feels like nothing's changed. Sometimes people just don't stay in touch and it's a really difficult thing to deal with, but when you all move away from each other it happens and unfortunately you do grow apart. Loneliness is something I struggle with a lot as I only really have my sister as a close friend now, but I also have James, all of my family and some friends at work so I try to focus on those relationships and I know new friendships will develop as I move through life.

4. Life doesn't always have to be a big adventure - Surrounding yourself with home, family and little comforts can be a good thing. I worry sometimes that I should be living a more exciting life whilst I'm still young, but I've always been a very home orientated person and I just enjoy spending time with James and my family.When you're ill your priorities change and I don't think there's anything wrong with spending my time just doing the little things I enjoy like blogging, reading, baking, watching films, painting my nails etc.

5. The idea of a dream career is drummed into us a little too much - Ever since college I've really struggled with knowing what I want to do with my life and being ill has made this even more difficult as I've felt like a 'career' is unachievable for me as I'm too ill to train and gain work experience. I'm really guilty of beating myself up a lot for not using my English and Creative Writing degree and for feeling like I haven't achieved anything, but when I take a step back I realise that I'm actually pretty happy with how things are as they are. I've managed to find a job that I really enjoy and that I can manage to do without making my illness too bad and I'm able to pursue my writing and creative interests through blogging. Just because things don't look how you imagined they would doesn't mean you aren't achieving anything and you should always be proud of yourself, no matter what you're doing.

6. Life is short, eat the bloody cake - There is so much emphasis on healthy eating nowadays and I just can't help but feel it's all gone a bit crazy. Obviously eating a balanced diet and being a healthy weight is very important, but the idea of what's healthy seems to have gone insane recently and I just want people to remember that it's ok to have treats sometimes. Having some nice food is one of the only things that cheers me up when I'm having a bad Fibro flare and I don't want to feel like I'm doing something really awful by having a bit of cake! Everything in moderation and all that, but you need to be happy in life and depriving yourself of a treat every now and again just isn't a good way to live. 

*I've been working on this post for a while and have kept changing my mind over whether to post it or not, but it's one of those ones I just needed to write for myself* :)

Love Holly xo



Newlook Pastel Pink Watch £9.99
I really want an Olivia Burton watch but I can't afford one so I thought this was a pretty good substitute when I spotted it in Newlook :) I think it looks much more expensive than it was and I've had lots of compliments on it at work - no one can believe it came from Newlook! I love how the strap is a very pastel pink as it goes with all of my clothes and I've found the quality to be really good so far; there hasn't been a trace of green on my wrist so I'm being extra careful not to spray any perfume near it :)
Maybelline 'Lash Sensational' Mascara £7.99 (currently on offer for £5.99 in Boots)
I usually try not to buy into products that are massively hyped by bloggers and celebrities (my Instragram feed seemed to go insane a couple of weeks ago with everyone and their nan promoting this mascara!) but I've always been such a fan of Maybelline mascaras so when I saw it was on offer in Boots I just couldn't resist giving it a try. The brush takes a bit of getting used to but I find if you start with the flatter side it gives lots of length to the lashes (this side works really well on bottom lashes too!) and then pop a couple of layers with the fuller side on top to create some volume. It's such a lovely consistency to work with as it doesn't clump and isn't too wet so you don't have to worry about making a mess with it. I really love the metallic pink packaging too; I don't think I've been this in love with a mascara since I tried the Benefit They're Real :) 
Primark Bow Pumps £5
I wanted a pair of really comfortable black pumps for everyday wear for work and although it's been way too cold for me to wear these yet I just absolutely love them. I think Primark have really upped their game with their shoes and accessories recently and I think these look so classy for £5! They are so comfortable too they feel like slippers and I just know I'm going to wear them to death. They have them in cream too which I'm going to have to get as they'll be perfect for spring :)
River Island Perfume 75ml £12
I got a sample of this in my Secret Santa from work and as soon as I smelt it I knew I was going to have to get the full size; it's such a gorgeous smell for everyday wear and is a bit more musky than the Next perfumes I usually wear. It's a really fresh smell that isn't too over-powering and is such a bargain for £12 :)

What have you been buying recently?
Love Holly xo



I had a little revamp of my make-up collection over Christmas and I realised how much I needed some new lipsticks as all of mine were too bold and 'in your face' for everyday wear. After a good swatch in Boots I found myself completely in love with the formula of the Revlon Lip Butters so I picked up two shades that I thought would fill the void in my collection...
Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter 'Berry Smoothie' £7.99 (currently on 3for2 in Boots)
'Berry Smoothie' gives a gorgeous dark pink flush to the lips, creating that 'your lips but better' look. I absolutely love pink but I often struggle with pink lipsticks being too bold and barbie-esque against my casper complexion, so I love how pretty and sophisticated this one is. The formula of these beauties is just so spot on as well; it's really effortless to work with as it glides on super smoothly and I love how the colour fades evenly over the lips throughout the day so you don't have to worry about checking for top ups which is definitely a major plus when you're at work!
Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter 'Peach Parfait' £7.99 (currently on 3for2 in Boots)
I had this a couple of summers ago and I'm pretty sure it's the only lipstick that I've ever completely used up. It was one of those products that I always meant to repurchase but just never got round to it and I'd actually go as far as saying it's my favourite lipstick that I've ever tried (bold statement I know!) This is just the most perfect shade of peach as it isn't too orange toned and unlike the other peach lipsticks I've tried it manages to give a completely even colour pay off and is very pigmented, which I think is quite an achievement for such a moisturising and glossy formula. I can't stop wearing this at the moment and it'll be the perfect colour for when Spring finally arrives :)

What do you think of the Revlon Lip Butters? I can't wait to add some more to my collection, I have my eye on 'Pink Lemonade' and 'Pink Truffle' :) 
Love Holly xo



1. I started my week off with a long soak in the bath using the Lush Father Christmas bath bomb which smells like the Snow Fairy shower gel. I'm just completely addicted to that scent and am pretty heartbroken that my shower gel has almost run out :( I wish Christmas could last forever! Their Valentines Day collection looks incredible though so I'm definitely going to have to treat myself to a couple of new bits soon :)
2. I spent the day at my Mum's house on Wednesday and we had a big reminisce with my brother and sister about our childhood; family time always means so much to me <3 My Mum has been having a clear out recently and she gave me these mouse books which were my absolute favourites when I was little (I used to get one every year in my stocking!) I've got quite a few books from my childhood which I'm saving to pass onto my children in the future :)
3. Me and my sister went to Simply Italian for dinner on Tuesday and we also went to see Into The Woods at the cinema (we really enjoyed it but it was a bit odd in places!) This is my favourite pizza in the world; it's topped with spinach, sweet pepper and onions - yum!
4. I've been really unwell recently with constant migraines and stabbing pains in my head and my Doctor confirmed this week that my Fibromyalgia has now spread to the muscles and nerves in my head :( It's come as a pretty horrible blow because the pains in my head are really unbearable and impossible to ignore like I try to do with the pain in the rest of my body...so a few treats this week have been essential!
5. Me and James had some positive news about our mortgage this week so we're going to be moving into our new apartment pretty soon. It's a bit smaller than our current flat (but is absolutely gorgeous!) so I had a really big clear out of everything this week as we're not going to have much space and are going to be sharing a wardrobe for the first time since we've lived together. I'm so excited to move though and I donated three bin liners of clothes, handbags and shoes to charity - it always feels so good to have a completely organised wardrobe :)
6. I treated myself to these beautiful River Island shoes when I was shopping with my sister on Tuesday and oh my goodness I love them so much! I love how classy and expensive looking they are and decided it was finally time to get myself a decent pair for everyday wear rather than the £4 Primark ones that fall apart after a few weeks! These need a bit of breaking in but I know I'm going to wear them all the time :)
7. Me and James went to see Taken 3 yesterday afternoon after hearing lots of people say how good it was, but I have to be honest we really didn't think much of it. I enjoyed it more than the second one but it was a bit cheesy and predictable and I definitely wouldn't watch it again.
8. We went to Pizza Express for dinner after the cinema and I had this vegetable lasagne which was so so yummy and definitely the nicest lasagne I've ever had! It was so nice to have a 'date night' we haven't had one in so long.

Love Holly xo



Newlook Necklace £5.99
I got this with a gift card which my Mum gave me for my birthday and I just can't stop wearing it; I'm so in love with wearing pink and purple at the moment! I feel like long pendant style necklaces are really 'me' and I always get nice comments on them when I wear them to work. I like how this one is quite chunky with the two different sections and think it really jazzes up a simple knitted jumper :)
Aussie Mega Shampoo & Mega Instant Conditioner £4.69 each
I used to love these when I was in my teens but I hadn't used them for a few years as I've been on a pretty tight budget until recently. Since getting my full fringe cut back in I decided I wanted to go back to them as they're the best shampoo and conditioner I've ever tried and always keep my hair nice and fresh throughout the day. I'd also forgotten just how incredible they smell, I really am besotted with them! They both have such a lovely consistency too and leave my hair quite literally squeaky clean as well as super soft and so so shiny; I've found myself getting a little overexcited in the shower each morning because I just love using these so much :) They're on a 3 for £10 offer in Boots at the moment too which makes them more affordable.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
I was really excited to receive the Real Techniques Core Collection kit for Christmas (if you fancy a peak at what else I received I did a post on my presents here) as I'd wanted it for ages after hearing so many of my favourite beauty bloggers and youtubers rave about the Buffing Brush for applying foundation and oh my goodness they were so so right! I'd been using the Expert Face Brush for a couple of years and I always got on relatively well with it but I did find it quite hard work to get the product to look flawless and completely absorbed, but this Buffing Brush is on another level! It makes applying foundation so effortless as it really glides around the face and achieves such a flawless and natural looking coverage with very little buffing or blending needed. I find myself using a lot less product too and the brush doesn't get clogged up in the slightest (which the Expert Face Brush is very guilty of!) I can't get over how amazing this is it's made such a difference to the appearance and lasting power of my foundation :) 
New Look Handbag £12 (sale)
I featured this handbag in my latest outfit post and was really happy that people liked it as much as I do :) I got it in the New Look sale and there was only one left in my store so I grabbed it up pretty quick and was really shocked to see it was only £12; I think it looks a lot more high end and classy than New Look bags usually do (I don't mean that in a rude way but their handbags aren't usually my style) I've used it every day since I bought it it's just the perfect shape and size for everyday wear and I love that it has both a short and long handle. I really love the mix of colours too as it feels a bit more interesting than my other tan handbags and stops things feeling too 'matchy-matchy' when I'm wearing tan ankle boots (which I seem to wear every day at the moment!)

Love Holly xo



Trick and Treatment Under Eye Concealer £9
I have seriously bad black under eye circles as I suffer from insomnia so I'm pretty fussy when it comes to under eye concealer. I really didn't get on with this to begin with as I found it difficult to blend and not the best coverage, but I persevered (mainly because I absolutely love the packaging and name!!) and have discovered that when applied with the Real Techniques Contour Brush (which you get in the Core Collection) it's one of the best concealers I've ever tried. I apply quite a generous amount in large semi-circles under my eyes going right up into the inner corners and then blend with quite gentle strokes and if you leave it for just a minute or two it really absorbs into the skin and completely balances out the darkness. It's super long lasting and doesn't crease or become visible on the skin at all; I'm completely in love :)
Sexy Mother Pucker 'Charm Offensive' Lip Gloss £9
I got this in 'The Next Big Thing' set at Christmas and having had it in one of the sets a couple of years ago I wasn't that excited by it as I didn't like the minty taste and tingly feeling it gave to the lips. However the formula has completely changed and it is honestly now the dreamiest lipgloss ever! The minty smell and unpleasant tingling are gone but it still makes lips look really full and glossy without any stickiness and this nudey pink colour is so perfect for everyday wear. I absolutely love the applicator too, it's sort of bendy and glides around the lips so easily. I can't stop wearing it and it's the most long lasting lipgloss I've tried so I'm definitely going to have to get some more colours :)
Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen £6
Since having my full fringe cut back in I've really fallen in love with wearing winged eyeliner and this Supercat pen is just so easy to use I'm completely obsessed with it. It gives a lovely fine line with very little effort and I don't seem to ever go wrong when using this which is perfect for when I'm rushing to get ready for work in the morning. It gives such a dark black colour pay off too with just one application (some of the others I've tried have been more of a grey and needed a few layers) and it stays put throughout the whole day without any smudging. Even with using it every day I can get quite a few months out of one of these and it doesn't dry up at all; it's such a good buy for just £6!

What do you think of Soap & Glory make-up? Let me know if there's anything else I need to try :)

Love Holly xo



I've been really happy with the bargains I've found in the sales this year and I have to admit I've become a complete online shopping addict when it comes to sale shopping, it's just so much easier and less stressful! I had some money from both Christmas and my Birthday to treat myself with and I had a list in mind of things my wardrobe needed so I feel really happy with every purchase and know I'll definitely wear it all (I didn't make any silly impulse sale purchases this year woop!)
River Island Floral Blazer £25
This was the first thing I found when I was browsing the sales in bed on my Ipad on Boxing Day morning and I was a little bit gutted because I had a River Island gift voucher to use but you can't use them online and I didn't realise until I'd gotten to the checkout (grr!) I just loved this so much though that I couldn't not get it and I'm so happy that it's as beautiful in real life as it looked on the website :) This'll be perfect for the spring and summer and I'm looking forward to wearing it with an oversized white t-shirt and black jeans. 
River Island Heart Bracelet £1
I've been looking for an everyday simple bracelet for a while now and when I saw this for just £1 I thought it was criminal not to buy it really! It's such a pretty little bracelet and it hasn't left my wrist since it arrived :) I'm being really careful to not spray any perfume near it so hopefully it won't tarnish/get that horrible green tinge to it too quickly.
River Island Cluster Necklace £2
I used to be all about the chunky statement necklaces but I've gone off of those a little bit recently so wanted some more dainty ones to wear to work. I did think this was going to be on a shorter chain but I wore it for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it, I think it's a bit more sophisticated than  my old chunky ones and because it was so cheap I might buy a shorter chain for it so I can wear it with more of my tops and dresses :)

Newlook Leopard Print Shell Top £5
Carrying on with my leopard print obsession (as mentioned in my previous post) I thought this top would be lovely with black jeans and a stone cardigan. I bought it in a couple of sizes too big as I wanted a nice loose fit and it's absolutely perfect; I love how it has buttons going down the back and think it's one of those ones that can be easily dressed up or down depending on what you're wearing it for :) 
Newlook Floral Blouse £14
How pretty are the colours on this blouse?! I added it straight to my basket as soon as I saw it! I actually had a different blouse already in my basket but this one just knocked my socks off and I cannot wait to wear it :) I find blouses so easy to wear and think they're perfect for those days when you don't have long to put an outfit together or can't decide what to wear.
Newlook Bangles £2
Something about these bangles just really struck me and I love how you can wear them individually or layered up together. The colours work perfectly with pretty much all of my clothes and I still can't get over them only being £2, I know I'm going to be wearing these all the time!
H&M Nude Jumper £7
This jumper is just the most gorgeous colour and it's so easy to wear; it's a cropped fit but I bought it big so that I can comfortably wear it with high waisted jeans. I wore it for the first time yesterday and I'm so in love with it - H&M have definitely come out on top for knitwear for me this year!
H&M Khaki Green Jumper £9
Green is a colour that I literally never wear but I really don't know why because I think it looks quite nice with my dark hair. This jumper is such a soft and cosy fabric and I know it's going to keep me nice and snug throughout January :)
H&M Mustard Jumper £7
This was the item I was most nervous about ordering online because I've really never been a fan of mustard but I had a crazy moment and thought it would work quite well with my pale skin and dark hair. I wore it to have my hair cut on Saturday and my hairdresser said how much she loved it and I have to admit I'm completely besotted with it; it's actually now one of my favourite things to wear *pats self on back for trying something new* 

I'm hopefully going to do some outfit posts soon to show everything a bit better and I have a couple of things I bought in the sales that I haven't featured in this post because they're going to be in other posts over the next few days, so if you've enjoyed this one make sure you keep an eye out for those ;)

Love Holly xo



Treating myself to some Bridal magazines in preparation for my wedding
Me and James got engaged in July 2014 and over the New Year we decided that it was about time we start planning our wedding :) We're hoping to have it in April 2016 if everything goes to plan and I've got lots of ideas already so I'm seriously excited to get planning properly now! It's such a lovely feeling to read through wedding magazines and look at wedding photos on Pinterest and I've found myself feeling really inspired and creative and am hoping to make our save the date/wedding invitations and some of the decorations for our marquee myself. 
Beauticology Hot Chocolate Lip Balm
I got this for Christmas and have fallen completely head over heels in love with it; it smells absolutely scrumptious (more like a very sweet chocolately smell than hot chocolate) and is the nicest lip balm I've used in such a long time. It isn't too sticky or thick and has made such a massive difference in keeping my lips smooth and moisturised. I like to apply it a little while before my lipstick so it has time to absorb into the lips and then I find it makes such a good base for lipstick :)
 Leopard Print
I've found myself becoming a little bit obsessed with leopard print recently and have been searching high and low for the perfect leopard print jumper. I found a really lovely one in the H&M online sale but it was sold out in my size (I was seriously gutted!), then we went to Brighton on New Years day and I spotted just a couple of these thin jumper/tops hiding behind another jumper. I love how the leopard print pattern is kind of blurred as I think it makes it look more classy and will be more flattering to wear (particularly against my pale skin!) It was only about £13 and I had a gift card left from my Birthday so once I tried it on and fell in love with it I pretty much sprinted to the till! It has 3/4 length sleeves and will look perfect with my high-waisted black jeans I think, I'm so excited to wear it!
Daily quotes from 'Start Your Day With Katie'
I've had this book for a couple of years but have never managed to remember to read it every day. It has such wonderful and inspirational quotes inside and I've made it my new years resolution to keep up to date with it. Living with Fibromyalgia is a massive challenge both physically and mentally and I can find myself getting very down in the dumps with things sometimes, so I think reading this each day will be a really good way of keeping me positive and focused on the important things :) 
Fluffy Bunny Slippers
These Accessorize bunny slippers are without a doubt my favourite sale buy (they were only £6!) I was so pleased they had them in my size as there was only a couple of pairs left; they're just so cute and cosy and make me smile every time I look at them :) Keeping those tootsies warm is definitely an essential for January!

I'd love to hear what's been making you happy recently :)
Love Holly xo